Call Off the Search

Call off the Search

You’ve heard it said that Spiritual Truth is paradoxical. This is why spiritual seeking is often frustrating because, in our normal way of seeking anything, we assume ourselves to be the subject that wants some thing, an object of desire. This dualism, subject/object is based on a notion of separation. But the Truth is nondual, all One, without a second, no such separation exists. It is as St. Francis has been quoted to say, “The One you are looking for is the One that is looking.”  In other words, the One we’ve been looking for (i.e., God) is the deepest One within us that does all looking. It is the knower of all things known, and that is the knowing.  Is it possible that we’ve been going about our spiritual practice all wrong? Let’s take a deep look this Sunday at this apparent conundrum that has eluded our understanding of the essence of spiritual awakening.