February 7, 2024 Edition

The Weekly IN-UNISON February 7, 2024 Edition

Inside the February 7th Edition of the IN-UNISON Newsletter

Cover  - Upcoming guest speaker Stephan Plummer brings us the Music, Meditation, and the Message, "TRUST."

Page 2 - Prayer Chaplain Rev. Eva McGinnis shares an affirmative prayer of love...plus Rev. Judith Coates and Rev. Eva McGinnis are honored.

Page 3 - The DailyWORD, "Grace" and "Thank you for our daily bread" appreciation of those that prepare our Sunday meals.

Page 4 - "A Special Thank You" to Rev. Bill Evans and a class offered by Dr. Bill.

Page 5 - Unity Basics class information and Olympic Theater Arts production opens this weekend.

Page 6 -  February's "Divine" article plus links to Unity Worldwide Ministries and Unity Northwest Region resources.Page 4 

Page 7 - The last-minute message change from the service on February 4, 2024, "What Might Happen," with guest speaker Dr. Bill Evans.

Page 8 - Upcoming Events and Unity in the Olympics Resource information.


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