God Knows

When our relentless quest for meaning and our faith in the Divine merge, we reach a place of spiritual understanding. When all our adjectives and concepts of God become our omega point, then that which remains hidden from our ordinary sight becomes our saving grace. If the Divine is everywhere present in its fullness, then every situation, no matter how difficult, carries the seed of good that can grow in us and bear fruit. Our spiritual eyes must be open to perceive this good – it is the opening of the “single eye” that reveals what we have gained through loss. That paradoxical reversal illuminates the spiritual gemstone buried in difficulty – disclosing who we truly are against the backdrop of what comes and goes. This is why Jesus spoke in parables, to penetrate the ordinary mind, and reach the soul; with "ears" that hear Truth. The Kingdom of Heaven is not of this world as Jesus said repeatedly. The satisfaction we seek will never come from getting life to match our preferences, even if we could control every outcome. The satisfaction we’re really after, runs deep, below the tumult of the human experience. Our journey of faith is to deepen our awareness of the Presence of God, which is an abiding river of Love that is unassailable, the dimensionless dimension in which we live and move and have our being.