Knowing our Purpose

Knowing our Purpose

Most people don't dwell very much on the question of life's meaning. Most of our questions are about acquisition and activity; concerns with what I have and what I do. The equation of the surface mind is this: who I become is based upon what I do, and what I have. Being is relegated to an outcome, the result of my actions and possessions.

For many years of my adult life, I followed this syllogism. I believed that my life would be meaningful and valuable once I reached a certain level of success, either in stature or in acquisition. My sense of self was equal to what I did in the world, my title, the esteem of others, or my socioeconomic status - I was my job, my house, my car, etc. But the realization came one day while I stood gazing at the ocean from the deck of our home in Cayucos that all the doing and having left me feeling mostly empty and meaningless. The pain of that bottoming-out experience drove me to embrace the deeper questions that turned my search inward.

The most troubling questions were about identity, meaning, and purpose, Who am I? Why am I here? Do I matter? These questions are the call of the spiritual journey. It is calling forth our soul's intention to reveal itself and its mission through our human journey. It is always calling us but we aren't always listening. We have ears but do not hear. When we do hear it, we recognize that we are here in human form for a purpose greater than simply living, surviving, and dying. It is a realization that our true self, our essence is not merely physical, but spiritual. Once we behold this truth, it imbues our every step and every moment with a higher purpose. It reverses the syllogism for successful living. Knowing ourselves as Spirit puts Being in a place of supreme importance. Once grounded in Being, what we have and what we do flows appropriately and gracefully from wholeness and generosity. Knowing the spiritual truth about ourselves is the supreme purpose of life, and can bring us back home no matter how far afield our journey takes us.

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