Sunday Celebration Service

The Power of Spiritual Community with Rev. Larry Schellink

“The Power of Spiritual Community”

will be the message for the Celebration Service

with Rev. Larry Schellink

on Sunday, April 21, 2024.

The service will be LIVE In-Person* and on ZOOM™ @ 10:30 a.m. Pacific Time

*2917 East Myrtle Street, Port Angles, WA 98362


Many of us found a spiritual home in a Unity community because the message fit around our hearts like a warm glove on a cold night. I still remember my first Unity experience in San Luis Obispo, decades ago.    In the embrace of a loving community, guided by the open-hearted      God-loving passion of a Unity minister, I was completely broken open. I laughed and I cried, and I fell into the waiting arms of an accessible God, with a Jesus I could relate to. I am deeply grateful to that community and the spiritual leaders who guided my journey home.

Unity in the Olympics is different things to different people, but many see themselves in the process of being, and becoming a sacred, cohesive spiritual community. Community gives us a sense of belonging in an environment that supports the shared experience of our human, spiritual journey.  In community, we can share our journey, which can lighten our burdens and deepen our joys. There is a collective energy in the community that can buoy our spirits, especially if we have been struggling on our own.  Jesus said, where two or more are gathered there I am. The shared intention to join with another in order to create a sacred environment is always rewarded by a palpable presence of Spirit not found in solitary practice.

 Join us this Sunday as we take inventory of the power of our spiritual community, uncovering what it offers us and what it asks of us. 

This will be a brief service followed by our ANNUAL MEETING part one.

After the service and meeting, please join everyone in the CommUnity room for SOUPer Conversations,  food, and fun before the journey home.


On ZOOM the Unity in the Olympics

Sunday Celebration Service

may be reached at

Meeting ID: 893 4754 4641                                          Passcode: Yes

 The ZOOM™ Room will open at 10:15 a.m. Pacific Time.

 Unity in the Olympics Is a positive path for spiritual living, and we affirm and embrace ALL people, identities, and backgrounds.